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Julian Omidi

Julian Omidi helped establish No More Poverty with his brother Michael Omidi. Both Omidi Brothers strive to help not just those struggling in the Los Angeles area, but around the world. Julian Omidi is now dedicating his time to covering news stories on Hurricane Sandy and spreading awareness of the people in need after the Superstorm Sandy tragedy.

Julian Omidi Supports Hurricane Sandy Victims by Providing Awareness

Julian Omidi is highly sympathetic towards those who were hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy, those who have lost their homes, family members, and friends are in need now more than ever, one of the best way to help these victims is to make more people aware of the problems these people are facing so they can spread the word themselves, and also lend a helping hand through donations. Many charitable organizations are now in place to help the victims of Super Storm Sandy, the smallest of donations to these charities can provide a huge difference to the families in need. If we all do our part in spreading awareness and providing the donations we can, the faster the rebuilding process will be, and the quicker these victims can get back to their daily lives.

Julian Omidi's list of top Hurricane Sandy Charities

Many charities are now providing relief to Hurricane Sandy victims, here is a list of the top charity organizations you can donate to.
  1. American Red Cross
  2. All Hands Volunteers
  3. City Harvet
  4. Convoy of Hope
  5. Direct Relief International

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Besides his work as a business consultant in Los Angeles, Julian Omidi spends time working and helping humanitarian and charitable organizations. He has received several recognitions for his charitable work.

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